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Dance Classes for 8 to 11 year olds

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Dance Classes for 8 to 11 year olds in woking, surrey

Some kids just want to have fun with their friends after school.

Our exam free classes are brilliant for those that want to pursue dance for fun and not have the pressure of exams.

They will have a great time with friends, whilst keeping up with some exercise in the process!
"My daughter joined this dance school in 2018 and has loved every minute. The teachers are all fantastic and have helped her confidence and self esteem grow, along with her love of dance. Would definitely recommend this school to anyone with children who love to dance."
Carrie Cope
ACRO Dance Classes for Kids in Woking ACRO

What is Acro? Acro combines classical techniques with acrobatic elements. Acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context.

We follow the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. The program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.

Ballet Dance Classes for Kids in Woking Ballet

At this level our students are starting to understand correct posture, body alignment and control with the help of the ballet barre. They now learn French terminology which is used to create short sequences. The classes encourage self expression and build confidence and strength.

Conditioning Dance Classes for Kids in Woking Conditioning

Conditioning for Dance improves your technique and performance in all dance forms by strengthening the body's core (abdominal and back muscles) while developing coordination, balance, and alignment and optimizing flexibility. This is very much a health and fitness class that helps a dancer progress to higher levels of achievement in all of their dance classes.

Contemporary Dance Classes for Kids in Woking Contemporary

Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance styles including lyrical, jazz and ballet. It is very expressive and uses emotions and storytelling, meaning it is the perfect class for both dancers who decide to start classes at a later age or have been studying dance for several years.

Jazz Dance Classes for Kids in Woking Jazz

Never danced before! No problem. Our jazz classes don’t follow an exam syllabus so they're perfect for those wanting to take a class purely for fun. However if you’re serious about dancing and want to increase your knowledge of different dance styles, this is also the perfect class! We use a variety of music from pop to lyrical and musical theatre jazz. You’ll start to learn more intricate sequences and how to isolate different parts of the body at different times. Learning new dances every few weeks really keeps this class fresh and exciting!

Junior Excel Programme Dance Classes for Kids in Woking Junior Excel Programme

We have created an incredible training programme for our dancers who want to take dance to the next level. This programme is called EXCEL! Not just additional classes, Excel is a package of knowledge, training, mentoring and support for those dancers who have a burning passion for their training and want to exceed their full potential.

Leaps & Turns Dance Classes for Kids in Woking Leaps & Turns

Leaps and turns add style, elegance and the wow! factor to any dance. They also have the trick element with Firebird leaps, turning box leaps to fouette turns, pose turns and many more. We follow the #RosinaAndrewsMethod to improve the elevation for leaps and and improve the number of multiple turns that can be achieved.

Modern Dance Classes for Kids in Woking Modern

We now start to work on furthering our skills and ability to dance to lots of different styles. Modern encompasses lots of different music from upbeat pop music, to musical theatre jazz and lyrical. We even start learning how to do jazz pirouettes and other interesting techniques!

Musical Theatre Dance Classes for Kids in Woking Musical Theatre

This class develops the student’s knowledge and they will start working with scripts and how to break down and create characters. They will work on their improvisation skills, which will help build their confidence and help them step out of their comfort zone. The students start to learn how to sing correctly and add dance movements. It really doesn’t matter if they have never sung or danced or acted before as our classes are suitable for all levels of experience!

Progressing Ballet Technique Dance Classes for Kids in Woking Progressing Ballet Technique

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program that has been designed to enhance students' technique by focussing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance. It is a unique training system using ballet-technique specific exercises to train skill acquisition in a graded and progressive manner from junior through to advanced levels.

Tap Dance Classes for Kids in Woking Tap

We now start to explore more interesting rhythms and are working on our improvisation skills. Being able to listen to a rhythm and tap it back with our feet is very exciting. Just like a musician uses an instrument, tap dancers use their feet. Rhythm games, partner work and group exercises make this class brilliant for confidence when they are finding their feet in the wonderful world of tap! Its never too late to start and we take new students at all levels.

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